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September wedding in boho style with natural colors.

Photos: Without Black White





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Young Couple


Wreaths Wedding

For some time very popular among brides enjoy wreaths. Is it an expression of longing for what is natural and girls, and perhaps this is a return to folk traditions?


Wreath with vivid flowers is a beautiful decoration for the bride. Natural wreaths will perfectly check up at weddings in the climate country, boho, eco – chic while ornamented decors, neatly woven into coca, perfectly fit in classic style.

To plait wreaths used flowers, which are resistant to water shortage, They withstand all-night dances at the wedding fun. Contrary to the fears of many girls, properly stored wreaths, They can maintain its freshness for several days.

6717cb85cff51bbeeeae4b331807c0abpicture: pinterest.com

12736927_10205983443364960_1711543276_opicture, makeup and hairstyle Ewelina the bed

12170942_1052011791485174_517820327_opicture: pnmphotography.com

12734173_970976669606643_2398086499856544998_nmakeup and hairstyle Ewelina the bed

12795377_972754236095553_6666644438014831344_nmakeup and hairstyle Ewelina the bed

flowers in her hair for the wedding, wreath, band, decoration flower in her hairmakeup and hairstyle Ewelina the bed

Colored garland hair. Hair decoration.

60pictures: Adrianna Cudak

Flowers for hair, flower decoration in her hair.pictures: Adrianna Cudak

11377183_913784472019699_8478957206805205655_npicture: heartmadestudio.pl


Forest wedding in the center of Wroclaw

Photographs made with Magdalena miracles Niewidy


Wedding Bouquet

Vision bouquet for Agatka was clearly defined – a lot of green, ferns and flowers unobvious. The wedding bouquet could not miss your favorite plumosus, Eucalyptus and tulips. The whole corresponded perfectly with the green dress Bride. The irregular shape of the bouquet perfectly inscribed in the forest style wedding.


decoration of the restaurant

Guest tables were decorated with natural bouquets arranged in glass jars, which we focused on the wooden stands. At the forest's wedding could not miss wooden decorations! Candles warmed the inside, and green wreaths remind you of the upcoming holidays.





decoration of the stairs

Young Couple depended on the visibility of the entrance to the dining room. Wrapped around the railing ivy and white roses. On the walls reigned mistletoe and pine twigs. Particular attention was riveted hanging pots in the form of lanterns. All the decoration was very rustic, Natural and Organic.







Christmas Wreath – do it yourself!

How to make a Christmas wreath DIY

Contrary to appearances execution Christmas garland with tree branches It is a simple. Enough enthusiasm to work and a little patience.


To perform a garland will necessary:



  1. Straw (or other) Round base which bustled wreath
  2. Shear
  3. Drucik floristic (You can be replaced with strong string)
  4. Different varieties of conifers and other plants that we have in our wreath
  5. Twine or ribbon on which hang garland

Execution garland start of attaching the first twigs Primer. We do this by means of wire or string, wrapping primer and twigs so that it did not move. Twigs examples of how najszczelniej order cover base.


Another we make plants shingled - one place to another. We are constantly mindful of how accurate coverage backing. Arranging wreath let us remember symmetric arrangement of plants and layout colors in our decoration.



Wreath we finish up adding last twigs so that their ends were the first twigs. Add the string or ribbon, which will serve suspension wianka i finished!


Wedding Flowers in a session at the castle

Gold as a leading color

If you think, that gold at the wedding know this is crap, that they are going to change in wedding trends and a look at our special wedding sessions with the color gold as the main.

Mr. and Mrs. Young in the session wedding at the castle with the inscriptionphoto: luckyinlove.pl

Gold is a very demanding color enough time to the royal styling made us a gold tragedy. It is worth remembering a few basic principles: Less is more. Gold is a very strong color, unobtrusive and can not overdo it with the amount of gold items in the scenery in the courtroom as well as in stationery. Gold well fits with majority of colors. My favorites are biel, peach, board, gray, deep green, shades of pink. Wedding decorations in golden color suitable for celebrations of nature classical and those in the subject Royal.

Wedding Bouquet

Wedding Bouquet He was finished with a golden ribbon. I made it with many species of flowers, among others: peony, chrysanthemum, nostalgiczna Rose bombastic, eucalypt, tawułka i wax. Colours of flowers was toned and was a perfect background for gold color.

Irregular wedding bouquet color from gray red pink maroon łososciemphoto: luckyinlove.pl

Wedding bunch color of claret white peach and pink with eucalyptusphoto: luckyinlove.pl

Flowers dryer and buttonhole

Inherent dress the groom is called. butonierka which is made of tiny posy of flowers referring to bridal bouquet Bride. Corsage pinned to Kalpa in the Navy. I met up with the wrong pinning boutonniere in place pocket square or a decorative handkerchiefs. Fashionable adornment for the bride is the flower decoration in her hair. This can be wreath, single flower, or as in this case, asymmetric headdress on the band.

zakochana_24photo: luckyinlove.pl

a small bunch of the navy weddingphoto: luckyinlove.pl

flowers in her hair for the wedding, wreath, band, decoration flower in her hairphoto: luckyinlove.pl

Wedding Stationery

When choosing gold as the color theme for the wedding should also emphasize it in wedding stationery which should also be a decoration on the table wedding.

goldE52 photo: Beauty Wedding Collection

Young couple: Dorothy and Jarek
Styling Bride: http://ewelinalosko.pl/
Florist: Decoki – Floristic services
Photos Bride and Groom: http://luckyinlove.pl/
Product photos idea and arrangement Decorisus.pl
more photos: http://decorisus.pl/index.php?p=tmenu&time = 60


Romantic wedding session

Exceptional session after the wedding in the romantic Vintage.

Unique for two reasons – firstly this is our first full-sized co-operation on the set of Adrianna Cudak Photography and secondly the heroes of this session were we!

After four years of marriage and after three years of discovering the secrets of the wedding industry, we concluded, we are missing souvenirs in the form of their own outdoor wedding photos. Some will knock his forehead hear about a couple of been-there-young, which launches itself this type of entertainment. I do not hide, that alone I approached the subject with a grain of salt. I not really imagined us in front of the lens in wedding dress with beautiful bridal bouquet in his hand and a wreath on his head, smiling and in romantic rapture. Young couples with children, credit slightly overwhelmed by the prose of life surely will understand… On the set, who chose for us Ada zadziało But something did not predict. In addition to preparation decoration and flowers just we are having a great time. We had a few moments to yourself. Adrianna is able to conjure up intimate atmosphere and you do not even know, that you pose. Accurate and delicate guidance, sense of light and space makes, Photos taken by Adrianna Cudak Photography They are simply magic!

With the rest judge it themselves :)

More photos by Adrianna can be found here: CLICK!

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wedding pictures outdoors

Flowers for hair, flower decoration in her hair.

Wreaths from the summer flowers

Outdoor session in a rustic style by Decoki and Adrianna Cudak Photography.


In cooperation with Adrianną Cudak Photography It created a wonderful session full of warm, summer sun and a smile, which gave us Ewelina. Summer outdoor session could not do without wreaths, which in the last season 2015 beat records of popularity which makes me very happy. Delicate, girls in a natural style uwite highlighted the beauty Ewelina wreaths and gave total grateful charm. Mistress Adrianna Cudak portraits brilliantly captures the joyful disposition freshly baked bride :) Session portrait a great idea to present gave a loved one. We hope that soon we will be able to meet again with Ewelina and her fiancé Gregory in as the beautiful natural setting!colorful wreaths


flowers in her hair

rustic wreath on his head

Hair flowers for wedding

Deliaktny bouquet Vintage.

Wedding in style boho

Boho is a style, which will appeal to all artistic souls. Boho is primarily a departure from the wedding schemes. Hippie boho style combines play with an extraordinary climate bohemian. Flowers look as if they had just collected them in the meadow. Wedding flowers boho style are not symmetrical, are very natural and colorful. I love the boho style and invite you to look at the relationship.

Bridal bouquet of dahlia, makówkami, eustomą, frezją, rose truss, Sedum and cloves.

Bridal bouquet dahliaSumptuous bouquets with sunflowers Eustoma, bell Irish as helpful for parents.

occasional bouquet of sunflowers


Wedding tables were decorated with garlands and lanterns.

garland wedding table

garland wedding table

Calligraphy for weddings is becoming increasingly fashionable.



Decorating wedding tables

When choosing flowers for wedding tables we are always faced with the same questions – choose low or compositions can in high vases? Put on the classics, or maybe splurge… When decorating tables should remember a few simple rules. Flower arrangements should be at such a height that disturb guests in conversation, they should not smell too much (blend of scents pieczystego, peony and herring can be intimidating;) ). On the tables partic should be a place for cutlery and dishes of food. So it is better to limit the bouquets and candles. Scattered flower petals, Candles, bouquets and organza with sparkling beads between, this is too much! Less is more! Keep in mind the colors so that the flowers on the tables of the composition formed a whole with a bouquet Bride. It should also pay attention to the color scheme of the wedding hall. Before you some inspiring photos from the wedding table decorations.

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