Sala weselna


Wedding in retro style, vintage, like a 90s


Sometimes it is already, that when people meet, which sits in the minds of a variety of cool ideas do not have the strength to realize them. So it was in our case. The idea for the sessions inspired by year 90, retro style, maybe a little prl, It was created in response to the sessions and rustic weddings boho, around which we have in abundance. We like new challenges and like to show, that we can find inspiration everywhere so repair. Even in the closet of our parents :)

I invite you to read the session stylized effects, which was created in collaboration unusual and very close to me people.


Organization: Gold Jar
Florist: Decoki – Floristic services
Makeup and hairstyle: Ewelina Łośko
Dress: PaPut / Atelier Karolina Twardowska
Furniture,image, macramé and cups: Nature of Things

For: Basia i Grześ


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Modern look at wedding – industrialna wedding session

The session was established with the participation of:

Photos: Art of Veronica look Krysiak

model: fields Błasik

model: Kacper Pilch

Dress: Barefoot

Makeup and hairstyle: Second Skin – Anna Pawlik

Decoration and floristry: Decoki

Place: Łamacz escape rooms Zloty Stok

Papeteria: Paper Story

letters: letter Inspiration








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Flowers for the wedding of the field in style

Idyllic flower decoration or a piece of meadow in the wedding hall

Idyllic flowers at a wedding

Establishment of Bride and Groom It was clear – to be sielsko i anielsko. Camilla and Simon wanted to break the lavish nature of the diamond hall of the restaurant Jasek Wroclaw. We focused on warm colors red, orange and yellow that are associated with fullness years. Flowers used in the compositions are available in the summer and it was beautiful full dahlias, sunflowers, asters, ornamental grasses. Florist we set high vases, which allow guests to freely talk.

Colourful flowers at a wedding in country style

Rural kiwaty high vases

Wedding bouquet in a rustic style. Bouquet of irregular shape with peony, veronica, tawułka. boho style.

Wedding decoration in a romantic style

Flowers for the wedding are soft romantic mood with irregular shapes and sweet scents. The main measuring the in this implementation was an informal style bridal bouquet and the decorations in the restaurant. Therefore, the bride decided on a loose medley instead of the traditional symmetrical sphere and on the tables for lace coasters erected a small bouquets of flowers and candles.

Gift baskets with colorful flowers.
Baskets for parents


The decoration on the tables used bottles of various shapes and sizes, in each of which a flower. Between bunches arranged candles. The whole thing is very romantic and delicate. Frezje, astilbe and lavender delighted guests with its appearance and smell.

Decoration on the table with small bouquets in the style of boho. Colorful flowers in bottles.
Table decoration


Buttons with flowers for the groom and witness.



Bajkowy ślub

Olśniewająca suknia ślubna, tuziny świec, kaskady kwiatów, zachwyceni goście, rycerz na białym koniu i dwa gołębie. Każda mała dziewczynka ma takie marzenia. Zdarza się jednak, że niektóre całkiem duże panny, mówią tak całkowicie na serio!

Co zrobić żeby plan bajkowego wesela nie przerodził się w mrożący krew w żyłach thriller bądź co gorsza czarną komedie? Jak zwykle zachować umiar. Złota zasada “less is more” sprawdzi się również w tym przypadku. Przebieranki radzę zostawić na bal karnawałowy a na weselu dobrze będzie zaczerpnąć inspiracji i (posłużę się terminologią gastrologiczną) przetrawić je na swój sposób.

Jeżeli macie ochotę na totalne szaleństwo i chcecie puścić wodze fantazji, dobrym pomysłem będzie zaaranżowanie sesji ślubnej w stylu Waszej ukochanej bajki. Taka pamiątka na pewno będzie cieszyć latam was, wasze dzieci a potem wnuki ;)

Sesja ślubna w stylu Alicji w krainie czarów. Stylistyka tej bajki podkreśla oryginalny styl pary młodej.


Dekoracja inspirowana Alicją w krainie czarów.


Delikatna królewna śnieżka i motyw leśny w dekoracjach.


Wooden signs with numbers of tables wedding

Wedding table numbers

Subject of times scored on wedding tables is not so trivial… It is important to match the quickie guiding theme decoration, flowers, widget, menu, napkins… Into the bargain, should be really invisible so as not to distract attention from the main decoration and so cleverly placed, not to steal space on the table… uff! So much hype around one tiny (it might seem) item in the table.

Below are some inspiration, which I hope will help solve problems with numerkami wedding tables.



photo by Tami Melissa Photography


photo by Erich Mcvey Photography


photo by: Jose Villa Photography


photo by: LOVE ME DO PHOTOGRAPHY Found on revel-blog.comf4b95411146293ab01dca1520eb30196



Deliaktny bouquet Vintage.

Wedding in style boho

Boho is a style, which will appeal to all artistic souls. Boho is primarily a departure from the wedding schemes. Hippie boho style combines play with an extraordinary climate bohemian. Flowers look as if they had just collected them in the meadow. Wedding flowers boho style are not symmetrical, are very natural and colorful. I love the boho style and invite you to look at the relationship.

Bridal bouquet of dahlia, makówkami, eustomą, frezją, rose truss, Sedum and cloves.

Bridal bouquet dahliaSumptuous bouquets with sunflowers Eustoma, bell Irish as helpful for parents.

occasional bouquet of sunflowers


Wedding tables were decorated with garlands and lanterns.

garland wedding table

garland wedding table

Calligraphy for weddings is becoming increasingly fashionable.



Decorating wedding tables

When choosing flowers for wedding tables we are always faced with the same questions – choose low or compositions can in high vases? Put on the classics, or maybe splurge… When decorating tables should remember a few simple rules. Flower arrangements should be at such a height that disturb guests in conversation, they should not smell too much (blend of scents pieczystego, peony and herring can be intimidating;) ). On the tables partic should be a place for cutlery and dishes of food. So it is better to limit the bouquets and candles. Scattered flower petals, Candles, bouquets and organza with sparkling beads between, this is too much! Less is more! Keep in mind the colors so that the flowers on the tables of the composition formed a whole with a bouquet Bride. It should also pay attention to the color scheme of the wedding hall. Before you some inspiring photos from the wedding table decorations.

Divine Floreal IMG_0353bgb7507babb1720b003a68d2e22fcae068b

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Wedding Tiffany Blue color

Beautiful colors, which is a trademark of the brand Tiffany&Co., decorate this season is not one wedding. This unique shade of blue, by me, best harmonizes with the white. Tiffany blue color is light and fresh and elegant at the same time, does not deviate from the wedding classics. Today I present a few insiracji the color Tiffany Blue at the forefront. Feel…

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Torty ślubne – sweet works of art

Typically, after the wedding favors on how beautiful the bride looked and how proud he was given a cake. And besides that, that tasty, This wedding cake has to be beautiful! Cake decorated with flowers referring to the bridal bouquet, BE A color harmony with the decorations wedding hall is a sure shot 10! Admire tasty morsels that I invented for you on the web…Bon appetite!