Flowers for the wedding of the field in style

Idyllic flower decoration or a piece of meadow in the wedding hall

Idyllic flowers at a wedding

Establishment of Bride and Groom It was clear – to be sielsko i anielsko. Camilla and Simon wanted to break the lavish nature of the diamond hall of the restaurant Jasek Wroclaw. We focused on warm colors red, orange and yellow that are associated with fullness years. Flowers used in the compositions are available in the summer and it was beautiful full dahlias, sunflowers, asters, ornamental grasses. Florist we set high vases, which allow guests to freely talk.

Colourful flowers at a wedding in country style

Rural kiwaty high vases

Floral arrangements before Young Couple.

To highlight the place Camilla and Simon ostawiliśmy in front of them small Bukiakiki set to wooden stands all lit candles in small bird cages.

warm summer colors in the flowers in the style wieskim cages for birds and white wooden coastersTable arrangement of tables.

handmade Our wedding guests board helped in finding their place at the table in the room. The whole is maintained in the whole concept wedding stationery.

Description of tables at the wedding

flowers for the wedding in a rural style