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Romantic wedding bouquets in pastel colors with anemones

What a winter wedding bouquet on ?

Brides deciding to get married in the winter months do not have to worry about the choice of flowers for wedding bouquets and decoration of the wedding hall. Contrary to popular belief range of possibilities is as wide as the spring or summer. In today's post I will try to bring you what species of flowers outside cloves, frezją, gerberami and roses (where there are so many species, they deserve a separate post), are available and every decent florist should know.

From autumn to early spring day on the stock exchanges can be found typically flower spring flowers tulips, anemony, Glaucoma, wax.



Bouquet of anemones and different species of


Bouquets of tulips.


Quite a nice perspective to late autumn to introduce some spring mood on their wedding. In December, the flowers begin to appear, which are all associated with Easter- szafirki, hiacynty, narcissi.

Weddings bouquet of hyacinths, We Minami, roses.


Other species of flowers available in December this royal amarylisy and all varieties of orchids distinguished. Of them also can conjure up beautiful wedding bouquets.