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Deliaktny bouquet Vintage.

Wedding in style boho

Boho is a style, which will appeal to all artistic souls. Boho is primarily a departure from the wedding schemes. Hippie boho style combines play with an extraordinary climate bohemian. Flowers look as if they had just collected them in the meadow. Wedding flowers boho style are not symmetrical, are very natural and colorful. I love the boho style and invite you to look at the relationship.

Bridal bouquet of dahlia, makówkami, eustomą, frezją, rose truss, Sedum and cloves.

Bridal bouquet dahliaSumptuous bouquets with sunflowers Eustoma, bell Irish as helpful for parents.

occasional bouquet of sunflowers


Wedding tables were decorated with garlands and lanterns.

garland wedding table

garland wedding table

Calligraphy for weddings is becoming increasingly fashionable.


Panna Młoda i ślubny bukiet różowy

Bridal bouquet of gerberami

Wedding bouquet made of gerber, carnation, Rose and calli in pastel pink and creamy colors. Ideally emphasized the beauty and style of Mrs. Young. Delicate and romantic classical wedding bouquet of flowers gained a fresh look with a charming gerberom.


foot. Sebastian Górecki