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Decorating wedding tables

When choosing flowers for wedding tables we are always faced with the same questions – choose low or compositions can in high vases? Put on the classics, or maybe splurge… When decorating tables should remember a few simple rules. Flower arrangements should be at such a height that disturb guests in conversation, they should not smell too much (blend of scents pieczystego, peony and herring can be intimidating;) ). On the tables partic should be a place for cutlery and dishes of food. So it is better to limit the bouquets and candles. Scattered flower petals, Candles, bouquets and organza with sparkling beads between, this is too much! Less is more! Keep in mind the colors so that the flowers on the tables of the composition formed a whole with a bouquet Bride. It should also pay attention to the color scheme of the wedding hall. Before you some inspiring photos from the wedding table decorations.

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Wedding Tiffany Blue color

Beautiful colors, which is a trademark of the brand Tiffany&Co., decorate this season is not one wedding. This unique shade of blue, by me, best harmonizes with the white. Tiffany blue color is light and fresh and elegant at the same time, does not deviate from the wedding classics. Today I present a few insiracji the color Tiffany Blue at the forefront. Feel…

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Wedding decoration of the Church

Decoration of the church on their wedding day highlight the special atmosphere of this celebration . Usually, floral decorations in the church are colored white and green. It is a safe choice, matched to each temple. If we want to move away from tredycyjnej white flowers in the church, we refer to the Bride's bouquet. Then decorations create a whole pienką.
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