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Decoration Bride and Groom Chairs

Decoration chairs the Bride and Groom, whether in church or at the wedding hall should be unique and establish the nature of the people, who sit on them. Thinking about decorating chairs first thing that comes to mind is a white covers. I would like to demystify this scheme and show how the original way to decorate a room for the Bride and Groom.





The first glimpse of the Groom…

I know why the groom should not see the bride before the wedding in a wedding dress! This is to do such amazing pictures here! Just look at the beautiful captured, an exceptional moment, when the groom first sees his future wife in all its beautiful glory. I regret, not immortalized this particular moment of our wedding pictures…


Torty ślubne – sweet works of art

Typically, after the wedding favors on how beautiful the bride looked and how proud he was given a cake. And besides that, that tasty, This wedding cake has to be beautiful! Cake decorated with flowers referring to the bridal bouquet, BE A color harmony with the decorations wedding hall is a sure shot 10! Admire tasty morsels that I invented for you on the web…Bon appetite!


Wedding Bouquet and glaucoma

Some of my favorite flowers. Ideal, delicate, beautiful and girls. What the dwell…just look at the bridal bouquets and admire jaskrami.

Juicy colors of mint green broken sukuletnów. Whim!


hello february!

Please be good to me…




Something blue…

ISNI habit of having the heavenly Bride addition. You know what it means? Blue is the symbol of the addition of fidelity. This can be a traditional garter but we like to get behind. And if they put on a blue wedding shoes, or blue manicure? I loved the idea of ​​embroidering wedding date on the inside of a wedding dress or decoration Garter iniciałami spouses. Today, some wedding inspiration for the blue talismans Wedding.

Blue variations on wedding shoes.blue_wedding_shoes2


Great blue petticoat under the wedding dress. I was charmed by the endless…


Traditional garters with symbolic embroidery. Easy to make and cudowan souvenir!i-do-embroidered-something-blue-bridal-garter-The-Garter-Girl-by-Julianne-Smith ivory-and-something-blue-embroidered-wedding-gartersomething blue

Remember, that has many shades of blue. Manicure in the color of a bold solution. On the plus jewel decoration nail.


Bridal bouquet with blue

Or go all out and treat yourself to a blue wedding dress?


If you do not dress it may handy clutch…something-blue-beach-wedding-bridal-and-bridesmaid--UDU2Ny03MTU1Ni4yNjc5MzE=