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New Year's Eve Wedding? Happy New Year!

And if you could combine the fun of the wedding sylestrową? The idea is not so bad in inches… New year, a new way of life, new name, new family. Well, the theme of the ready. And the fireworks are guaranteed! Same plusy! :) And how interesting are the inspiration for the New Year's Eve wedding! Sami look.

new_years_eve_weddingnewyear New-Years-Eve_095 newyearsevedetails new-years-eve-wedding-ideas New-Years-Eve-Wedding-Rings new-years-eve-wedding-theme-2new-wedding-ideas-02


Merry Christmas everyone!

I wish you well as a love, love, love… Merry Christmas!

To wipe the tears

Those with the luck of course…


2010 Erica Velasco Photographers

Dancing shoes

My dear ladies, let's be honest, Does anybody stand at the wedding in heels to 5 morning? I suspect, that even the Duchess Kate and Dzoana K. skonczyłyby barefoot. To relieve cierpienom wedding guests ( because men also suffer from high heels, especially when the legs already tangled up in the dance) You can help to behold such a nice and pleasant gadget. I know one lady, dances which always takes along flops. Dleczego not offer the convenience of others? Especially well suited for a wedding in the garden, or other place where you do not feel too formally. Wear flip flops and let’s dance!


Wedding in the garden

Around the increasingly colder weather and the situation here please, wedding in the garden. Beautiful light, beautiful scenery, captivating flowers, wonderful chairs. What can I say nothing but fall asleep winter and in the spring to take vows!

married in the garden