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How to wedding?

The choice of vehicle, where we get to our wedding can be quite a challenge… Will it be an exclusive limousine or perhaps old-fashioned auto chaise white horses harnessed? Wedding car or wedding or any other means of transportation requires suitable decoration. Wedding Decoration on a car should podkreślach nature events. When selecting wedding decorations on the car should pay attention to the color of paint, lines of the bonnet and door handles. Of course, I am an advocate of floral decoration on car, preferably with fluttering ribbons. The auto tuning wedding should be guided by the golden strength lies in its simplicity! Today przedsawiam some wedding inspiration for decorating the wedding car, and more. The choice is yours!







White Wedding Bouquets

Wedding Flowers in the color white is the quintessential classic. The white color is considered a symbol of purity and innocence. This does not mean at all, the bridal bouquet to be boring. Wedding flowers in other colors can be found in the category of wedding bouquets Wroclaw. If you want to liven up a bunch of white should opt for a colored ribbon, that we finish our wedding bouquet. Relevant to the ribbon color dovetails with other bridal decorations. Note also that, shades of white that is so really very much. He knows that very well every Bride, which is in the process of selecting a wedding dress.



Pink wedding bouquets

Wedding flowers in pink are girls and romantic. So they say… And if they can be more serious and subdued? The in Moga. It all depends on what shade of pink you choose pink because no one has a name… Today you can find inspiration in a pink wedding bouquets for weddings. I will try to present to you the widest range of opportunities for the use of the color pink in wedding bouquets.


wedding guest book ideas

Wedding Inspiration – Wedding Guest Book

We're going to a wedding inspiration. Scrapbook- whether it's a good idea to commemorate the wedding? It must tell ourselves. I, now that the wedding falls confusion would be nice to read your kind words, good advice they had to provide guests invited to the wedding. Guestbook is a fun wedding decoration.

If you choose a liner for a wedding guest book to remember it alluded to the whole decoration of the wedding with the same color in which to your wedding invitations, wedding bouquets and vignettes.



A wreath of hydrangeas

Changing to hydrangea flowers from my garden great they turn green, pink and burgundy. A bouquet of hydrangea is a great decoration for autumn time. Przystroi perfect door or interior of the house. Hydrangea flowers are ideal for drying so the decoration will serve us for a long time.

This hydrangea wreath of inspiration for wedding decorations, which can be used in many ways such as. decorating the wedding hall place for young couple. Wreath is a great wedding decoration. Hydrangea also excels in wedding bouquets…


Astilbe or tawułka

Wedding Bouquets tawułką the style and class. Astilbe commonly called tawułką slowly comes to our wedding salons won the hearts of brides who appreciate the simplicity and naturalness. Wedding bouquet from tawułką the topic are usually very romantic and somewhat nostalgic. Astilbe will be perfect for weddings in the atmosphere of vintage. Suitable for her ethereal lace and ribbons.


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Wedding bouquets of heather

Wedding bouquets of heather remind me of fairy tales. Heather Wedding Decorations are mysterious and eclectic. If you decide to use what is heather plants should consistently choose other plants so as not to create a stylistic dissonance. Together with heather in wedding bouquets will be presented nicely dahlias, elderberry fruit, English Rose, ferns, Glaucoma, Zielona hortensja. Wedding Inspiration from Heather in wedding bouquets Wroclaw.