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Sweet table – or how to bring out the sweetness wedding

Cakes, Cupcakes, Cookies, Sweet, fruits…mmm pycha! Desserts are a must in the wedding menu. After lunch, the jackdaws eat a nice sweetness and even nicer is if it was beautifully presented. Today you can find some inspiration for sweet wedding tables. Because the dough can become a decoration wedding!



Balloons at a wedding. Embarrassing or big come back?

The first thought of the balloons at the wedding – żenada, municipalities, wiocha, tragedy, drama…yuck! Typically, hand-tied and blown, curves, ugly color and shoddy rooms instead of tune – disfigure. If someone chooses to have the balloons better to go to a professional, a professional approaches the topic.



Wedding in the barn

Last walk behind me barn… namely weddings in barns. Inspired by a simple climate, natural, cheerful, not technic-chic requiring seat right at the table with your elbows at your prohibiting slurping rosołku. You can find andnspiracje rural wedding bridal and wedding decorations to match the interior of such.

People yearning for nature and simplicity. It is pro-eco fashion so you may want to instill in her wedding?



Autumn Wedding

“The world began to rule the autumn, melt it in yellow and red…”

Autumn is my favorite time of year, provided, it is sunny! If getting married is worth to fall wedding decorations wedding flowers and other decorations at a wedding alluded to this time of year. Autumn wedding is quite a brave decision, the weather is not as kind as summer, although in fact our Polish climate, even in May, you can find snow.



Wedding bouquet in cool colors

The inspiration for a wedding bouquet in cold colors just in time for the upcoming cold days…


mustache-para-a young-wedding-Forestry

DIY Wedding no.2 mustache

Theme mustache recently did a lot of confusion. Not only in the realm of fashion, where you can admire the jewelry mustache, T-shirts, leggings and all possible as you can to wear but also in the world of theme dekoratorskim mustache has not gone unnoticed. Funny subtitles, Stickers, mustaches on mugs, straws for drinks have become very fashionable gadget. In a wedding so fantastic theme also was reflected.


Paper-pom pom-scenery-Suspended-02-rozowabeza-blog-slubny

DIY Wedding Decorations no.1 paper

Recently there is a fashion for DIY wedding decorations made personally or. On the internet you can find plenty of tutorials on the instructions step by step make us interesting wedding decorations. There are so many ideas that hoho. Every bride can find something for everyone. From paper and tulle pompoms, who are my faworytkami, through various rosettes, Windmills, ribbon waterfalls, mustache on a stick, ornaments at straws drinks, Garlands, flags, oh… and even a bit… A separate topic is gift ideas for guests, but more on that another time.



Letters and signs for the wedding

Lately fashion accessory at weddings and weddings are in the form of wedding decorations different such letters, signatures, Subtitle, plates, signs and flags .. This wedding decorations will look great in pictures, suitable climate, slightly relax the atmosphere. I mean, you can somewhat tongue in cheek experience this special day ;) Below are some wedding inspiration precisely from such decorations.