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bukiet lato

Bouquet of year

If you're getting married in the middle of summer it would be a sin not to take advantage of flowers available at this time! This bouquet reflects the beautiful weather and the holiday atmosphere. Summer wedding bouquet should you color!

Wianek zielny

Idyllic climate

Upleciony wreath from what I found behind the fence… At the end of the country I live! Had approached the end of the summer? Wreaths are a good idea for a door decoration. Decorate any interior. Wreaths are also inspired wedding for decoration wedding, that can be used in many ways to the wedding hall or in the church or house Bride and Groom.



Classics – white wedding bouquets

Classic Wedding bouquet made of white roses wrapped in Hortensia. Very impressive but not intrusively, leg finished bouquet. Miracle-honey! Inspiration classic wedding bouquets for weddings.


Róże i srebrne brunie

The gray eminence – Brunia

Brunia is a lovely exotic little plant used as an additive bukieciarski. Used in wedding bouquets. Slowly creeping up on Polish salons. Characteristic gray balls is ideal for an elegant wedding bouquets as well as more idyllic. Grey is the color of universal and perfectly suited to the company of virtually any other color. First of all, very nicely blends in with the colors of pastel.