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paw-wedding-Wedding rings

Marriage and peacock feathers

Peacock feathers at the wedding? Why not! Unusual colors and same shape peacock eyes are a great motif making an unusual decoration on this special day. Unusual Wedding Inspiration for the use of peacock feathers. Beautiful and stunning wedding decorations wedding decorations for sale using peacock feathers.


Bukiet ślubny ombre

Wedding bouquet in the style of ombre

Unique wedding bouquet in the colors or ombre color transition from the darkest shade to the lightest. wyk. M.Błasiak. Bridal bouquet made in Wroclaw. The inspiration wedding were their delicate butterfly shape and kolry.



On my blog you will find wedding inspiration, photos of wedding bouquets, decoration of wedding halls, churches and any decoration associated with the celebration of, that will help you in planning your wedding.

Decoki created, Wroclaw, with a passion to create and beautify the flowers have always been used for this purpose. Dekoracje kwiatowe szczególnie ważną role odgrywają w dniu ślubu – the most important moment in the life of man. It is a wedding and wedding inspirations devote most attention.